Are There Side Effects To Using Smartlash?

Smartlash, introduced by IQderma,is one of the most popular eyelash enhancers on the market today.  Although there are other eyelash serums and enhancers available over the counter such as Prolash Plus, Latisse, Revitalash and Idol Lash among others, Smartlash has garnered a wide following as seen by the large number of postive customer reviews and ratings. Their product really does seem to live up to it’s promises of helping you grow longer, fuller and thicker eyelashes. Longer eyelashes accentuate your eyes, making them look brighter and larger and is generally found more attractive.

Smartlash Side Effects

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Smartlash, using VisiLash technologies, avoids harmful results and side effects that these type of products often cause. They claim to use scientifically tested ingredients. The primary ingredient in this cosmetic product, and most other eyelash serums, is water.  The active ingredients include marsupium bark extract, soybean oil, apigenin, lecithin, mannitol, and panthenol in addition to others. It does not contain prostaglandin that is often used by competing eyelash enhancers. Prostaglandin has been shown to trigger darkening of the skin on the eyelids in some individuals. Smart Lash has far fewer potential side effects than other similar cosmetics.

The recommended regimen is to use Smartlash twice a day, morning and night.  It should be applied similar to the manner in which you would apply eyeliner and also on the skin below the eyebrow in the preferred shape of your eyebrow. The one drawback of Smart Lash and all competing products seems to be that once you discontinue use of the product your eyelashes will gradually revert to their original length.  Therefore, continued use is necessary if you wish to maintain long eyelashes.

No prescription is needed for this eyelash serum.  It is safe for the eyebrows and contains no parabens. There have been no reported indications of skin discoloration.


Added Benefits of Use

During clinical testing Smartlash has produced excellent results during individual tests. An overall 68% increase in lash length in over a period of 60 days and a nearly 100% increase in lash density and volume after four weeks of use was reported in an independent medical study.

Smartlash can be used on it’s own or in conjunction with mascara. Wearers of contact lenses can also use the product without risk of irritation.  All IQderma products, including this one, come with a 30 day money back guarantee if no noticeable results are produced after using this eyelash enhancer.

In addition to lengthening your lashes, Smart Lash eyelash enhancer can also help you eliminate or reduce your need for skin drying chemicals, clumpy mascara, costly eyelash extensions and inconvenient and sticky eyelash glue for false lashes.  For more information on this product, check out our main page or here for more details on possible side effects.


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